• Atlantic Heroes Peer Group

  • Brave And Broken

  • Buddy Check Coffee

    A veteran only program of the Royal Canadian Legion OSI Special Section where veterans can gather at a designated place and time and enjoy peer support across Canada at Legion Branches or Coffee shops.

  • Old Boots Peer Group¬†

  • Operational Stress Injury Social Support System (OSISS)¬†

    The OSISS network is coordinated by screened, trained peers who bring firsthand experience and practical knowledge of what it is like to struggle with an OSI or to live with someone with an OSI.

  • Post Traumatic Growth Association¬†

    The Post Traumatic Growth Association (PTGA) is a not-for-profit that facilitates positive and healthy peer groups, activities, and events predominantly in Western Canada. Main efforts  have included: nutrition workshops, trauma informed movement therapy, community coffee chats, lifestyle based activities, and informal peer support both in-person and online. PTGA peer groups are distinctly informal, but facilitated by trained peers.

  • Project Trauma Support

The directory is made available by the Post-Traumatic Growth Association as a public service only