Post-Traumatic Growth Association

Individually We Grow – Together We Achieve

Our Mission

The Post-Traumatic Growth Association (PTGA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides support for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and Operational Stress Injuries to veterans, first responders and those with PTS/OSIs in the general community. The purpose of our peer groups and activities is to provide an environment for connecting with others who are like minded and have similar circumstances; with the goal of reducing isolation and encouraging community connection.

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Events & Activities

We believe events & activities provide an environment for connecting with others who are like minded and have similar circumstances. The goal of these activities is to reduce isolation and encourage community connections.

Our Focus

We acknowledge that every stage of the journey can require different resources.


Knowledge Is Power
Vocational rehabilitation and being a life long learner keeps our minds continually engaged in a productive manner.

Environmental Health

Your Atmosphere Matters

Being aware of healthy and unhealthy externalities of influence can provide for a more conducive recovery path.

Financial Health

A Simpler Focus Eases Healing

We bring awareness to applicable financial resources and tools to better aid uniquely individualistic needs.

Career-Driven Purpose

Do What You Love and What Your Good At

We believe in helping facilitate the next direction of passion that will lead to the highest self satisfaction. Checkout our listed volunteering opportunities and employment organizations that might lead to achieving your personal goals.


Finding A Pack With Aligned Values

Providing permission to ourselves to explore our new selves and promote redefinition.

Emotional Self-Care

Regulation Takes Practice

Knowing what’s truly best for our individualistic needs takes honest intuition.


Together Is Better

In providing peer events and self-help topic focused peer groups, we aim to bring similar lives together. We are all never alone in our journeys. With the right amount of support, our next dream becomes achievable.


Physical Activity As A Keystone

The best way to aid other facets of wellness such as emotional and mental, is by ensuring our bodies are optimally primed both biologically and physiologically.


Trusted support and belief is what helps us give.

Without Canada House, the PTGA wouldn’t have come to fruition, thus they stand to be the founding sponsor and platinum donor. The legacy of Canada House has always been in support of Veterans, RCMP, first-responders, and their families’ interests by supporting all aspects of the healing journey.


Let us know how we might be able to better address a gap and together we might be able to fill it.

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